The summer with UofT is not complete without some social activities! As part of the Virtual Summer Academy, you can take part of fun online virtual activities to meet your online classmates, or if you’re a summer returner, meeting some old friends from past summers!

We will be hosting a variety of clubs and counsellor events throughout July and August, as well as a weekly Newscast with some fun videos.



All of the activities and newscasts will be posted on our Instagram. To be involved, follow us at @uoftsummeracademy!


Our newscast segments will highlight fun moments from our previous virtual activities, preview the events coming up later in the week, and debut short video sketches that we hope will bring a smile to your face. Tune in every week as the Newscasts guide you through our 2020 Virtual Summer and the fantastic events ahead! 


Virtual Clubs are fun, engaging activities where you can meet new people and learn new skills. Each club will meet regularly throughout the program to work on an ongoing or standalone projects. These clubs will highlight different areas of interests such as sports & wellness, baking & cuisine, arts & crafts, and more! These club activities will rotate weekly so that you can be a part of as many club activities as you choose!