International Programs, New College is offering short transition online learning modules to incoming multilingual undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. The short course learning modules focus on building specific language and communication skills that students need to handle academic work. Module features include synchronous and asynchronous student and instructor interaction, instructor feedback on student learning, and direction to university supports to promote student self-regulated learning.

Module A – Strategies for effective course participation

Course Dates: Monday, July 27 2020 – Friday, July 31 2020
Lecture Times: 9:00am – 10:00am, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
Focus: Speaking
Cost: Free

Instructors increasingly value the participation between students, themselves, and course content. Success isn’t solely about passing exams and assignments. Most courses include participation grades that reflect your engagement with course content. These grades are usually measured through your activity in tutorials, seminars, or even in office hours with your professors. In this module, you’ll learn strategies and tips to make the most of participation in your courses.


Each module spans one week from Monday to Friday and includes 10 hours of expected commitment from participants. They are stand-alone, so students can register for any one, two, or three modules, depending on what students want to improve and prepare for in upcoming courses. Each module includes daily live lectures that exemplify the skill focus and self-study tasks for students to apply to materials related to their undergraduate program area. Each day, the instructor interacts with students and their work. All modules lead to the submission of a small assignment for detailed feedback.

This Program is Designed for:

  • Students who have accepted their offer to the Faculty of Arts & Science
  • First year undergraduate students set to start in September 2020
  • Student who were required to submit an English Proficiency Test in their application
Online Lectures
Self-Study Tasks
Time Commitment
4 hours
4 hours
2 hours
Day Commitments
Monday-Thursday, 9:00am - 10:00am (EDT)
1 hour/day
Due Friday, 12:00pm (EDT)

How to Apply

The program is now full. Thank you for your understanding.