We offer two different series of online modules in this enrichment program: Global Citizenship Modules and the Perspectives Series. Each series is a condensed version of a longer in-person pre-university experience taught during the summer terms. Divided into distinct short online modules, these teasers are independent but complement each other in terms of goals and format. There are four 15-hour modules currently included in the GCC: Food, Water, Shelter, and Oceans and three 20-hour modules currently included in the Perspectives series: Global Business (PGB), Global Health (PGH), and Global Media (PGM)

Currently, these online modules are only available for closed groups. To request a quote for a closed group online program, please email learnonline@utoronto.ca.

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Build university skills and strategies for success

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Develop essential principles of teamwork and design thinking 

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Propose a solution for a real-life global issue in a final presentation 

Global Citizenship Modules

Global Citizenship Module is a 15-hour intensive experience in team-building and problem-solving for motivated students ready to take on real-world problems, referencing relevant UN Sustainable Goals as a starting point. Participants study essential principles of teamwork and design thinking. They apply this knowledge to create their own solutions to an unsolved problem affecting our global community. At the end of the module, participants present their solutions as part of their final project. While modules aim to include content and activities that achieve each of the following six goals, individual school groups may highlight three they wish to emphasize and these will be noted to you to keep in mind for your lessons. 

GOAL 1 | Presenting and explaining your ideas to others, both live and on video

GOAL 2 | Improving range of topically related words, definitions, and idea

GOAL 3 | Researching, evaluating, and connecting information from multiple source

GOAL 4 | Identifying, analyzing, and synthesizing multiple perspective

GOAL 5 | Reflecting on your role within and assumptions regarding situations

GOAL 6 | Academic demands on university students and strategies for success

Course Topics

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Oceans

Perspectives Series

Perspectives courses are 20-hour modules aimed to develop participants’ awareness and understanding of global challenges in our inter-connected world. Participants learn to identify and analyse the complex factors that influence the successes and create the challenges of key initiatives in various fields. We look at how local and global perspectives are separate yet influence each other. Most importantly, participants are encouraged to expand their perspective to consider how they want to shape the future. In addition to learning about various projects around the world, participants may find inspiration within themselves to develop their own path to creating impactful change. Primary goals include: 

GOAL 1 | Identifying and commenting on complex factors that contribute to the successes and challenges facing various fields

GOAL 2 | Learning about and critically assessing the role of international organizations in promoting global business/health/media awareness

GOAL 3 | Connecting factors that influence and create a relationship between local contexts and global perspectives

Course Topics

  • Perspectives on Global Business
  • Perspectives on Global Health
  • Perspectives on Global Media

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