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Student Survey: Student Motivation for Study Choices

Why come to the University of Toronto? What influences students’ program choice? Up until September 2023, we didn’t know the answers to these questions. But now we do! The 124 students who attended International Foundation Program (IFP) Orientation answered a quick survey that told us why they chose to apply to the University of Toronto.…

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UofTea 2023 and other ISA flavours

During the International Summer Academy sessions, our students do some amazing work with the language they’ve been learning and practising. We’re proud of them and they’re proud to share. Enjoy this work below. U of Tea newsletters PDF: U of Tea Aug 2022 U of Tea July 2023 U of Tea August 2023   Individual…

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Welcome to Global Citizenship Program: Climate

On behalf of our Pre-University Program, we proudly present to you the hard work from students and instructors in the Global Citizenship Program: Climate for Session 1, July 2023 & Session 2, August 2023. Through the academic side of this 3-week International Summer Academy program at New College, our students formed groups, chose a specific…

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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Summer Program

It is an exciting time when you are looking for a university program. Happiness, anticipation, butterflies in the stomach…and maybe even uncertainty are some of the feelings that come to mind. However you may feel, know that this will be a life-changing experience: You will grow and develop as a student. So, when it comes…

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UofT NewCollegeFall

Reflecting on IFP Student Support

The global pandemic has brought mental health and resilience to the forefront of many people’s lives, and this is especially true for international students today. I came to Toronto as an international student a decade ago, and even without a global pandemic I found it difficult to make friends, navigate the city, and overcome my…

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Your Mental Health Kit

This time of year can be a stressful time for many students. So it’s even more important to take care of your mental health. If you are a current student with us, we’ve created a Mental Health Kit to get you started with some resources on campus. Please note that this is just a brief…

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Trivia Quiz: U of T Ghost Stories

The University of Toronto has some well known ghosts around campus. Take our trivia quiz below to test your knowledge, just in time for Halloween season! Once you’re ready, click on the button to reveal the answer. Happy Halloween! Question 1 The story of University College’s Reznikoff ghost starts with an altercation between Ivan Reznikoff…

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Thank You Fei!

Today, it is with mixed feelings that we part ways with Fei. Bringing in his extensive experience in the international education sector, Fei joined our team in a challenging time back in September 2020 as a Recruitment & Administrative Coordinator. As our only team member based in China, Fei has made a big impact in the short amount of time he has…

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Student Leaders Blog

Meet the Student Leader Team!

Meet the Student Leader Team for this summer! Student Leaders are undergraduate and graduate U of T students who each have their own unique experiences and approach to their studies at the university. If you’re an Online Learning student with us this summer, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with these Student Leaders and ask…

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Team infographic

Student Infographic: Local Water Sellers

Course: Global Citizenship Challenge Group: Spring 2021 Project Name: Local Water Sellers Team Members: Connie, Judy, Ketter The students in this group explored the causes and effects of water insecurity in Abuja and its community, and looked at ways independent and local water seller can help support accessibility to clean water. This infographic summarizes their solutions and…

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Thank you Dmitry!

Today, it is with mixed feelings we part ways with one of our team members. Dmitry will be leaving the International Programs team to pursue other ventures. We’d like to take this time to wish Dmitry good luck and reflect on the impact he has had on our programs and our team.  “I have known…

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Student Project PGH Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in Congo

Student Project: Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Course: Perspectives on Global Health Group: Winter 2021 Project Name: Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Team Members: Carina, anonymous student, anonymous student, anonymous student This group explored two major issues currently prevalent in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – food insecurity and malnutrition. In researching dietary habits, as…

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Student Project PGH Children in Malawi

Student Project: Children in Malawi Suffering Malnutrition

Course: Perspectives on Global Health Group: Winter 2021 Project Name: Children in Malawi Suffering Malnutrition Team Members: Steven, Ciel, Elaine, James, Wenli The students in this group focused on the impact of malnutrition on children in Malawi. After conducting research into the economical, industrial, financial, and geographical factors, the group proposed a series of both…

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Student Project Refugees in Turkey

Student Project: Refugees in Turkey

Course: Perspectives on Global Health Group: Winter 2021 Project Name: Refugees in Turkey Team Members: Selina, Joanna, Kelly The students in this group tackled the barriers facing the refugee population in Turkey, whether it’s poor sanitation, lack of access to healthcare, lack of access to education or poor overall living conditions. They explored the ongoing…

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Staff Feature: Lily Kwiatkowski

Happy International Women’s Day! As a global day of recognition and celebration of all women’s achievements, we’d like to acknowledge all the amazing women in our community and the positive impact and contribution they bring to the university and beyond.   We’d also like to take this opportunity to highlight one of our outstanding female staff leaders, and the…

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Book Recommendations for Reading Week

Reading Week is coming up and what better time is there for sharing book recommendations? So we’ve asked our staff to share some of their all time favourite books to share! Have any you like to share? or have a favourite book in common with one of staff? Share with us on Instagram by tagging…

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Alexandra Guerson

Congratulations! IFP’s Dr. Alexandra Guerson is the 2020-2021 recipient of the June Larkin Award

IFP’s Dr. Alexandra Guerson is the 2020-2021 recipient of the June Larkin Award The International Programs team would like to congratulate Dr. Alexandra Guerson on receiving the 2020-21 June Larkin Award for Pedagogical Development! Dr. Guerson is receiving the award for her proposed project “Creating a Community of Care in an Online Course,” where she…

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It’s not goodbye, but see you later

Moving Forward This week, one of our long standing colleagues will be leaving our team onto an exciting new opportunity. Tim Clarke has been with the International Programs team for 16 years. He first started as a Summer Camp Counsellor back in 2005 when there was only the Youth International English Program. He later joined…

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Celebrating the Holidays

This holiday season will definitely be different this year, so we thought we’d reach out to members of our team to see how they normally celebrate this season but also how they will be changing their traditions for this year. Let us know how you celebrate by sharing with us on Instagram at @ifp_life or…

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Winter Break BINGO

As we start to wind down for the winter break, we thought we’d give you some activity ideas for the break in a Bingo format! We’ve also included some examples below for each activity to get your started.   How to play: Download the image on the right. Whenever you do the activities of one…

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9 Tips to Level Up Your Online Learning

1 | Set Up your Workspace (Away from your bed) Staying productive in an online class starts with your workspace! Be honest – are you working on your sofa or bed? That might not be the best place for making sure that you can stay awake and focus while you listen to a lecture or…

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Meet the 2020 IFP Committee!

Meet the 2020 IFP Committee Meet the IFP Committee! They will be hard at work creating awesome events for all IFP students throughout the year. Get to know them a little better below and if you have any ideas or suggestions for fun events, please let them know! Nora IFP Representative, New College Student Council…

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Connecting with your U of T Community

We may not be on campus, but you can still connect with the UofT community virtually! These opportunities are available to enhance your experience throughout the program and beyond. Take a few minutes to learn about them! Career Learning Network (CLNx)   The CLNx is a lot more than job postings. On this website you can…

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Meet the IFP Student Services Team!

We may not be on campus, but our Student Services team is still here and as active as ever! Our amazing community of staff and instructors are excellent resources for academic and co-curricular support. Working together, they can provide guidance, refer you to helpful campus resources, and recommend social events and activities to enhance your…

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Unsung Heroes: Pet Edition

The International Programs community is full of vibrant students, staff and instructors. But there is one group of individuals who don’t get the spotlight they deserve. This week’s post is about our unsung heroes. Meet them below! Matilda   Alias(es): Baby Bird; Tilda-Bear Human: Kendra What is your favourite thing to do at home? Play…

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