The first year at the University of Toronto is not only an adjustment to the students but also to their parents and family! With this in mind, the International Foundation Program (IFP) team will be sending out a newsletter bi-monthly. We hope to use this newsletter to share information about the IFP experience, give you resources to support your student, and answer some important questions that you may have.

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Privacy Policy

We appreciate and respect the ways in which you have guided your child to this point, and that doesn’t stop now, but the Province of Ontario has privacy laws that all universities representatives must adhere to.  This means that faculty and staff cannot speak to you about your child’s academics, tuition invoice, or personal life.

We will not report any problems to anyone other than the student nor can we discuss any details of the academic record with anyone other than the student (even if you are paying the fees!).

We understand that this is different from what you are probably used to, but this is a good opportunity to build clear communication with your child and encourage them to share their progress with you. We are, of course, happy to meet with both you and your son/daughter if there are issues you would like to discuss together.