Congratulations on your conditional acceptance to the University of Toronto!

As a newly admitted student, you may have a lot of questions after receiving your admission offer and what you should be doing next. We have provided a list below to simplify these next steps for you.



Accept your offer by the deadline on OUAC.

Be sure to submit any final documents by this deadline as indicated on your admission letter on JOIN UofT.


Submit your CAD $5,000 tuition deposit

Important Note: Due to office closures on the U of T campus, the University is no longer able to accept money orders. Please pay your deposit by credit card on Acorn using the following instructions.

Your deposit will be applied to your IFP tuition. The deposit must be paid by credit card. Instructions on payment information can be found in your offer letter. Please email us your proof of payment at

How to pay your deposit by Credit Card

To pay your deposit by online Mastercard or Visa credit card on ACORN  – Log in using your JOIN id credentials. There will be a 1.75% convenience fee, not remitted by the University of Toronto.


Apply for your visa and study permit.

As an international post-secondary student in Canada, you require a Post-Secondary Study Permit. For those currently studying high school in Canada, you cannot use your high school study permit as it will be considered invalid. For more information about study permits, please visit the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. After you have accepted your offer, we will provide a letter that you may use for immigration purposes.



If you wish to live in residence, you must log onto the University of Toronto StarRez residence portal and indicate your interest in residence. IFP applicants will have access to the StarRez portal in mid-February. If you have difficulty logging into StarRez, please check back later in February or March. You must complete the StarRez application by March 31, 2021 and receive and accept an offer of admission by June 1, 2021.

Have questions? Book an Appointment with our team!

Our team is here to support you during your application process. If you have any questions about your application, next steps after you accept your offer, or just some guidance, follow the link below to book an appointment with one of our staff members.


In order to proceed further in undergraduate studies after the IFP, students must successfully complete the following International Foundation Program courses:

  • the academic degree credit-course
  • the discipline specific course
  • the language and academic skills development courses

Throughout the Fall/Winter IFP, there is continual assessment so that students are aware of their standing and have the opportunity to improve their performance if they are not meeting expectations.

Faculties & Admission Streams

During your IFP experience, you will be introduced to your faculty and your admission stream, which forms the foundation of your university experience in the coming years.


Each faculty offers students unique and rewarding experiences and opportunities.

As an IFP student, you were accepted into one of the following Faculties

  • Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
  • John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, & Design
  • Faculty of Music

It is important to remember that you cannot switch your faculty after you have been accepted into the IFP.

For example, if you are accepted into the Faculty of Arts & Science and wish to switch to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, you will have to reapply to the University of Toronto.

Admission Stream

Your admission stream is the category of study in your Faculty that you applied to and that the University of Toronto has accepted you for.

Each admission category offers a wide range of courses and program options for you to choose from upon your successful completion of the IFP.