The Application Deadline is the deadline for the completion of your OUAC profile. Please complete your application as soon as possible as this will speed up the application process. The Document Deadline is the deadline for submission of all your required documents (including academic transcripts, English proficiency test results etc). Some departments have mandatory Supplementary Applications which also have their own deadlines.

Depending on your high school system of study, you will be prompted to submit different documents. These documents will be listed in your JOIN applicant status page once you have completed the questionnaire identifying your system of education.

  • All documents should include the student’s full name and the 10 digit University of Toronto Applicant Number (not OUAC number).
  • All documents must be received by the University of Toronto by the document deadline.
  • All documents that are not originally in English must be translated into English and signed by a notary official.

Documents should be scanned and uploaded directly to your JOIN account.

Generally, students will be asked to provide:


Up-to-date official high school academic marks (including the most recent midterm grades)


An official English test score (for example, TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo). The U of T ETS Code for TOEFL is 0982. Results should be sent directly from the test center. For more information, please see the English Language Requirements.


Architecture, Computer Science, Rotman Commerce, and Music applicants must submit an additional student profile or supplemental application.


For admission document requirements for specific countries, please visit the University of Toronto’s Enrollment Services website.


Music Applicants will be required to complete an audition/interview. Please see the Faculty of Music website for details on music requirements.


If additional supplemental materials are required for your application, it will be listed directly on your JOIN U of T account. Please only submit documents listed on JOIN. Please do not provide letters of recommendation, personal statements, or any unsolicited documents.

Please upload all required documents to your JOIN U of T account.